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As Vol 2 is an estimated 30 days away, and I’ve been having trouble finding a challenge, so I made my own!

  1. Favorite Trailer
  2. Favorite Episode
  3. Favorite Moment
  4. Favorite Quote
  5. Favorite Location
  6. Favorite Piece of Technology
  7. Favorite RWBY team member
  8. Favorite JNPR team member
  9. Favorite Female
  10. Favorite Male
  11. Favorite teacher
  12. Favorite antagonist
  13. Favorite Outfit
  14. Favorite Pairing
  15. Favorite Weapon
  16. Favorite Semblance
  17. Favorite Color Scheme
  18. Favorite Symbol
  19. Favorite PJs
  20. Favorite Person to see in uniform
  21. Favorite Fight Scene
  22. Funniest Moment
  23. Saddest Moment
  24. Most Unexpected Moment
  25. Proudest Moment
  26. Best Character Development
  27. Moment that made you most Nervous
  28. Favorite Song
  29. Favorite Voice Actor
  30. Most Excited about in Volume 2

30. Most Excited about in Volume 2 -

Well thankfully Volume 2 is HERE!  But what am I most looking forward to? Well, it’s hard not to say - everything. I am looking forward to the progress of the story, now we have our teams and know the characters, I’m lookig forward to, well the bad stuff I guess. Because we know that RWBY is going to get darker now, I feel like Vol 1 was was just the build up. I want to know what is the deal with Cinder and Roman, whats their (her as she’s obviously in charge) plan, how is it involving the faunus and white fang and whats going down.

I want to see how Blake is going to be involved in this, and when the real ‘fight back’ begins.

I want to see more backstories for the characters, particularly RWBY and JNPR. I’m also lookong forward to new characters (loving Emerald and looking forward to team CFVY -  I hope I spelt that right)

I want more info on semblance and what everyone’s is.

I want to find out about Penny!

I am looking forward to more insane badass fights and weapons. Including the gun-gun.

Also I am looking forward to the new soundtrack!

Just, well everything.

Bring on Episode 2 !

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