I always wonder how many people who ask me questions anonymously actually see my responses.

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RWBY Semblances

I was thinking about what Roman’s semblance could be and figured it would be cool if he could phase through stuff? It would help him be an excellent theif and make him really difficult for the police to catch…

There are no grounds to base this on, but it’d be neat.

Avatar Questions…. GO!

16. Favorite Toph moment?

Toph is always so cool, it’s hard to pick one moment. Inventing metal bending is probably the most awesome thing she does and she continues to saves Gaang’s asses throughout the show, they really would be in a lot of trouble without Toph and her metal bending.

The fight on the air ship where she makes metal armour is one of my favourites.

But I really love Melon Lord Toph…

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There Are Now Only 6 Northern White Rhinos On Earth



Make no mistake, this is our fault. We failed them.

Guarantee these poor creatures will be gone soon - even if the last male does manage to mate with the females, they will end up very inbred in a matter of years. But considering their pregnancies are over a year long and they only have a calf every 2.5 years or so, it would take a miracle for them to recover :(

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" When one realizes one is asleep, at that moment one is already half-awake. "